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Work From Anywhere

Private, Simple & Powerful Sales Collaboration tool for outdoor advertising companies. First fully automated WFA (Work From Anywhere) tool for teams selling & managing your outdoor inventory.

Stored on cloud and operated from a web browser, this platform is accessible from PC, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhones and practically any device 24/7 with working internet connection and web browser.

Plan, share, book & track campaigns on the go🚶‍♂️from your mobile devices. Get the job done, no matter where you are.

The Leverage that your team needs to squeeze more from less is finally here.

Atomic tool for outdoor sales.


Hosted on your private cloud, easyoutdoor makes sure that your booking and billing details stays with you, away from prying eyes.


Simple and Accurate way to collaborate and sell inventory across multiple towns, effortless planning and tracking.


Teams of 2-1000 can use this tool for the most robust and versatile sales. Your team deserves this to increase your topline. We have a flat fee model where we only charge for the product. You can create unlimited users for your company. More users = More engagement.

Things we need for Demo

1. Valid outdoor company with their logo, sample Inventory & tax details.

2. Two technical people from your team who can understand & implement the product in your company.

Let’s talk.