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OOH Inventory Management - With AWS
Privacy at Heart

Our tool is deployed on your private AWS Server which you host and maintain 

Login Tokens

  • Our servers are only used to access login tokens, all data lies in your hands which means no sniffing on your clients and company's information.
  • Data in your Hands
  • No Sniffing

Your Responsibilities Include :

  • Once deployed, make sure that you pay your AWS invoices on time to keep the deployed tool online.
  • Once you start using Easy Outdoor, make sure to backup your AWS database on a seperate Amazon Instance.
  • Pay your AWS Invoices
  • Backup your AWS Database

Our Role

  • Our role is limited to deploy Easy Outdoor on your AWS server. Once done, we will not be able to access your server or data.
  • Deploy on your AWS
  • No access to your Data

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