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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes, we offer 30 days free trial on our demo server.

Can we operate on any Mobile Devices?

Yes, all modules are available on both Android and IOS web platforms.

Do we have Annual Discounts?

Yes, we offer flat 10% discount on annual pricing.

Do we have any Product Support?

Yes, we have 5 days / week 10 to 7 online support.

Common Client Questions
  • To automate & increase your sales.
  • Planner cannot service multiple requests at the same time from excel.
  • Your sales team needs to learn advanced filter techniques just to extract available sites from the morning available sheet. After that, they need to manually compile PPT from images stored in their PC. This is a time consuming process.
  • Furthermore, the plan that they are making is based on morning availability which means you are working on old data.
  • We are trying to make a standard format which all media owners can follow
  • This is done to increase business exchange between media owners
  • It will be easier for media owners to combine site PPT of multiple media owners and send it to their client. This encourages more media exchange between media owners.

You need to train your mounters to use eazy application because

  • Images that are coming from whats app are not renamed.
  • A dedicated person has to rename and save these images where mistakes usually happen.
  • Whats app images are compressed which results in low resolution photographs.
  • Photographs taken at night are extremely difficult to sort and rename as surroundings are not visible.
  • Renaming and sending photographs manually takes time and it increases turn around time (TAT) which impacts client servicing.
  • The whole point of allowing system access to all members of the team is collaboration.
  • We believe that when a sales representative is presenting the company's portfolio to a client, they must be empowered to book sites and make decisions which are essential for closing the deal.
  • System does not make sense if it is being used only by the backoffice team to generate quick proposals because sales representatives are dependent on the plan shared by the back office team.
  • It is possible to calculate SQFT of mounting and unmounting work done by all mounters, but the system will never know the mounting unmounting done for contact flex.
  • This is the reason we are not generating mounting unmounting reports from the system as the number of contact flexes mounted on available sites cannot be calculated.
  • Some suppliers use GI boards and some use frames, so contact flex always varies.
  • Data which is hosted on Easyoutdoor is enterprise / business data.
  • It includes your client’s kyc details, campaign dates and billing details & your agreements which is crucial data.
  • We believe that no one apart from the company itself should host their data.
  • Easyoutdoor is a platform which gets updated every quarter with new features and updates.
  • We have the same platform for all our clients and we update the whole platform as one.
  • Therefore it is not possible for us to take one time cost and give the software which does not update.
  • Even after paying one time fees, users will still have to pay an annual maintenance fee / updation fee to keep the software up to date. Therefore we do not go with this model.

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