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Customer KYC Records!
  • All your client data in one place along with tax and Point of Contact details.
  • This data will be used to communicate with the clients and generate invoices.
  • All data in one place
  • Point Of Contact Details
Plans & Proposals
  • This platform will generate all your plans and proposals according to your available media.
  • Tax and discounting is applied in a few clicks and making mistakes is impossible.
  • Proposals can be shared via self updating links where media availability changes automatically from your system. You can also export this data in excel and PPT format which is traditionally used in the Outdoor Industry.
  • Printing and installation cost can also be included in the plan.
  • Your plans
  • Our ideas
Billboard Software
  • Your proposals are directly converted into campaigns where the system will check for bottom rates & sites availability.
  • Once booked, our system will keep track of all your sites and in case any site availability changes, it will notify the relevant user to inform the client.
  • Your client can track campaign progress via public link where they can download installation, monitoring and uninstalltion photographs without needing your help. Data is organised and stored for all client’s needs.
  • Cost effective
  • No hidden fees
  • An application is used to capture installation photographs.
  • Once taken, these photographs are uploaded to the server, renamed and emailed to your clients and sales team automatically, saving huge time and effort.
  • Your plans
  • Our ideas
  • Our system generates sales estimate for all your campaigns so that you can create invoicing in your preferred accounting software.
  • All data in one place
  • Point Of Contact Details
Photo Library
  • One place to see photographs of all campaigns.
  • There are various utilities developed in this photolibrary to maximise productivity and sales.
  • Your plans
  • Our ideas

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